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Weller T0051398599. WTBR 1000 230 V

WTBR 1000 Soldering Robot
Артикул: 51398599

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  • Simple programming and data capturing
  • Allows significant cost savings versus hand soldering
  • Maximizing productivity thanks to double drawer system enabling continuous production
  • The robust and sturdy construction delivers precise solder joints at any time
  • Safety cover fully encloses the integrated fume extraction system, protecting the user, workpiece, and equipment
  • Easy to learn and use software
  • Highest soldering precision and superior reliability due to integrated Weller Technology Line soldering tools, as well as the solder feeder being in close proximity to the workpiece and an integrated LED illuminated camera
  • The fully-enclosed system provides a complete and CE-compliant solution to the customer

Technical Data
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1100 x 900 x 950
Dimensions L x W x H (Inches) 43,3 x 35,4 x 37,4
Weight (approx.) in kg 205
Voltage 200-230VAC / 50-60Hz
ESD-safe on
Power cable EMEA
Recommended component size (mm)
Optical positioning
Positioning aid
Space requirement/workspace L x W x H (Inches)
Space requirement/workspace L x W x H (mm)
Noise level (distance 1 m) dB(A)
Rated output of top heating (W)
Air consumption l/min
Temperature accuracy °C
Temperature accuracy °F
Compressed air connection
Weight in lb 451
Accura in µm 20
CE on
Solder wire Ø in mm 0,5 - 1,5
Solder wire Ø in Inch 0.02 - 0.06
Two drawer working area (mm) 400 x 220 x 100 (each drawer 200 x 220 x 100)
Two Drawer working are (Inches) 15.75 x 8.66 x 3.9 (each drawer 7.9 x 8.66 x 3.9)
Two drawers (mm) 600 x 460 x 100 (each drawer 300 x 460 x 100)
Two drawers (Inches) 23.6 x 18.11 3.9 (each drawers 11.8 x 18.11 x 3.9)
Housing Integrated
Speed max. 200 mm/s (7.9 in/s)
Soldering tool (standard) WT 1H + HER 120
Solder wire feeder speed 2 - 32 mm/s (0.08 - 1.25 in/s)
Fume extraction, incl. Weller LL150

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Items included in the delivery
  • FT-L15N Laser Line LL 150 Laser extraction unit, 100- 240 V / 60 Hz
  • T0053435699N WT 1H 1-Channel Power Unit, 150 W
  • T0051386899 WSW SAC L0 1,0 mm WSW SAC L0 solder wire, Ø 1,0 mm, 500 gr.
  • T0058763730N HER 120 Heating Element 120 W for Soldering Robot Application with WT 1H/PUD 151R
  • T0051386199 WSW SAC M1 1,2 mm WSW SAC M1 solder wire, Ø 1,2 mm, 500 gr.
  • T0051386999 WSW SAC L0 0,8 mm WSW SAC L0 solder wire, Ø 0,8 mm, 500 gr.
  • T0051386299 WSW SAC M1 1,0 mm WSW SAC M1 solder wire, Ø 1,0 mm, 500 gr.
  • ...



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Производство Германия
Производитель Weller